Thursday, June 24, 2021

Internal Medicine

work burnout

After Another Horrid Shift, Doctor Calls Palliative Care on Self, Goes Home with Hospice

ATLANTA, GA - For internist Karen Davenport, today’s shift was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  She struggled mightily as she was asked to “suck it up” and see 935 patients, 100% of...

Twas the Night Before Christmas in the ED

Twas the night before Christmas, the ED was quiet, Not a creature was stirring, there wasn’t even a riot. The patients slept soundly, so snug in their cots, With some having dreams of free...
palliative care, fortune cookies

Pre-Consult Fortune Cookies Make Palliative Care Team’s Job Easier

VALHALLA, NY - Fortune cookies with hospital meals?  That’s what the palliative care team at Rainbow Valhalla University Hospital (RVU) is doing before formal consults to discuss end-of-life issues. “We had to get creative,” said...

General Practitioner Pilots Rewards Program for Chronic Patients

SEATTLE, WA - Dr. Samuel Sheepman, a general practitioner at Wortley Medical Clinic, has created a new frequent flyer rewards program for chronic illness patients. “For example, say we have a patient with fibromyalgia. For...

Cardiologist Admits to Just Using EKG Computer Interpretation for Over 15 Years

TOPEKA, KS - Veteran cardiologist, Dr. Ernesto Rodriguez, appeared on 20/20 last night with a shocking revelation.  Dr. Rodriguez admitted to just using the computer interpretation of EKGs as his own interpretations for the past...

COVID-19: ER Doc Relieved Man in Room 9 Just Having a Heart Attack

NEW YORK, NY—Overwhelmed with hordes of COVID-19 patients filling the Emergency Department at Manhattan Medical Center, third-year resident, Dr. Noah Moe Karona, expressed relief and sheer joy upon learning that the man in Room...
level I level II

Patient Survives & Beats Level I Trauma Center, Moves On to Level II

ATLANTA, GA - It has been a challenging year for 27-year-old Michael Snead, who broke his right femur in a motorcycle accident 6 months ago.  But thanks to his orthopedic trauma team at Grady...
resignation letter for hospital

How to Write a Resignation Letter & Burn As Many Bridges As Possible

With burnout at a record high and no signs of improvement in sight, there will be an increasing need for letters of resignation.  But how does one go about writing a letter of resignation?...
couple kissing

Physician Foreplay 101: How to Seduce Your Doctor

Seduce any doctor by using valuable information about his or her specialty to ensure total success in the bedroom. Emergency Medicine Go skydiving to get the adrenaline going.  Speed home.  Once there, run upstairs and cut...

German Scientists develops safe, effective tool to remove gerbils from rectums

Oslo, Norway - An advancement that has been heralded as a boon for animal rights and paraphilia aficionados everywhere was recently unveiled at the Ideas and Innovations Expert Panel at the European...