Friday, August 7, 2020

Popping the question: Gomerblog’s 14 Steps for Success when asking for a letter of...

So, you’re planning to finally pop the question to that special someone. Congratulations! You’ve spent a lot of quality time together and really gotten to know each other. They know your strengths and your...

Genetics Professor Uses Students as Examples During Dysmorphology Lecture

“As future physicians, it’s absolutely essential for you to be able to recognize features of genetic disorders in your patients,” Dr. Lena Lombardo stated, moving to a PowerPoint slide featuring a child with Down...
medical student nodding

Dedicated Med Student Spends One Hour Listening for Bowel Sounds

AUGUSTA, GA - Indicating to one and all he is dedicated to this internal medicine rotation and a lifelong career in medicine, third-year medical student Wayne Natalie has spent one straight hour...
medical student adorbs CAGE questionnaire infectious enthusiasm

Cardboard Cutout of Medical Student Receives Honors in Surgery

General Surgery is widely considered to be one of the most difficulty rotations in medical school. Many medical students strive to earn the coveted honors grade only to be bested by the grueling hours,...

Med Student Takes Break from Reading Textbook About Medicine to Read Novel About Medicine

AUSTIN, TX -- Rupak Preet had completed six straight hours of reviewing neurosurgery when he decided it was time to unwind by reading a memoir about neurosurgery. "Even though I'm in med school I try...

Neurosurgeon Replaced by 4th Year Medical Student due to Massive Number of Research Publications

An attending neurosurgeon in central Ohio was replaced by a fourth-year medical student due to research production. MS4 End O’Scopit was interviewing for a spot in a neurological surgery residency program when the chair...
work burnout

FDA approves first novel drug to treat medical burnout

TWISP, WA - The US Food and Drug Administration today approved Peaceaudi (Idongivafumab) injection for intravenous use for the treatment of medical burnout. “Medical burnout is a serious condition, which affects thousands of doctors across...

Nurse confines fidgety med student in OR to Bouncy Seat

Phoenix, AZ: In what can only be described as an act of creative desperation, circulating nurse Susan Bremington found a novel way of dealing with what is no stranger to any OR staff— a...

Anesthesia resident lauded for poise during intubation, admits he had no clue what happened

PORTLAND, OR - Ms. Wee was prepped for her biannual joint replacement in OR 4, but this time would be different. Anesthesia resident Dr. CJ Van Ross would be at the helm, stationed at...
student driver stickers

Attending Places ‘Student Driver’ Stickers on July Interns

TALLAHASSEE, FL - In an effort to appropriately inform patients and staff with whom they'll be working, an internal medicine physician has placed STUDENT DRIVER stickers on all of his July interns....