Tuesday, May 18, 2021


joint commission

Joint Commission is Coming: Hospital to Change Everything for Three Days Then Revert to...

EVERY HOSPITAL, USA - Hospital administrators have finally cracked the secret to passing the highly-dreaded Joint Commission inspections.  For decades, the Joint Commission (JC) or previously called JACHO, but don't EVER call them that now...

Hospitals Now Joining Black Friday Frenzy

NEW YORK, NY - Black Friday is hitting America very soon.  Stores are now opening their doors almost immediately after millions of Americans finish off eating their pies on Thanksgiving Day where only the chosen are able...

Mutated Pediatric Names Linked to Higher Mortality

ATLANTA, GA - The lead article in this month’s Journal of Pediatric Critical Care started with a few simple observations. "I had two patients in my ICU simultaneously," said lead author Dr. Jessica Kantor.  "Both...
pediatric consult

Pediatrics Consulted for Adult Temper Tantrum on 5 West

El PASO, TX – Yesterday, at approximately 2:34 pm, on the 5th floor of Holy Cross Hospital, a STAT pediatrics consult was called in for a 58-year-old adult male who was experiencing one of the...
obstetrician sued

Obstetrician Sued When Adolescent Son Turns Out to Be ‘A Disappointment’

SAN JOSE, CA - Obstetrician Dr. Ambika Kumar has found herself in a lawsuit claiming over $14 million in damages by local aggrieved parents. Shari and Mike Berger report that Dr. Kumar delivered their son, Brendan,...

Big Pharma Admits They’re Just Trying to Kill Everybody with Vaccines

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In what is being hailed as a huge victory for the anti-vaccine movement, Big Pharma announced to the world today that they've been fooling everyone all along, that vaccines don’t work, and...
googling medical symptoms

Study: 4th Graders with Google Better Doctors Than 96% of New Medical Student Graduates

BIRMINGHAM, AL - A new study published last week in Barney and Friends magazine revealed that 4th graders, if given a computer with internet search access, were superior in medical knowledge, diagnosis, and cost effectiveness, than 96% of...

Hospital Approves Giving Parents Medication Before Children’s Surgery

HOUSTON, TX - Last week, Children's General Hospital approved a new medication protocol to assist children undergoing surgical procedures.  Anxiolytic medication, such as midazolam, can now be administered to parents to children headed to...

Local Mom Decides Against New Brake Pads

MICHIGAN - Local mom, Jennifer Leeders, brought in her Acura MDX for its annual maintenance.  Her mechanic recommended new brake pads, a routine recommendation.  "I saw they were getting low and I mentioned this...

Pediatrician About to Call Surgery to Lay Hands on Another Punky-Looking Kiddo

2AM, KNOXVILLE, TN - According to seventh floor pediatrics ward sources, local pediatrician and hospitalist Dr. Jerry Dirkins is about to call for another surgery consult on a patient who looks a little "punky"...