Thursday, June 24, 2021


anti vaccine brain

Mutations in the Anti-Vaxxers’ Brain Discovered

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in understanding the brain functions of anti-vaccine proponents (anti-vaxxers).  Mutations in the Y74 gene encode for these transformations.  Environmental factors, such as US/UK location, lack of a formal education, Facebook...

Newborn Delivered at 35,000 Feet: A Doctor’s Perspective

SOMEWHERE OVER HOBOKEN, NJ – It’s amazing how there is always a doctor around when you need one.  Hardly 200 miles into my flight out of Albany last Thursday, a young woman in 3B...
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CDC Plans to Move and Quarantine Unvaccinated Families

ATLANTA, GA - In a move that is sure to spark controversy and protest, the CDC released Proposition 23.4 yesterday which grants state governments the right to quarantine unvaccinated families.  According to the proposal, state...

What Does Google Think of Your Medical Specialty?

See what Google thinks of your medical specialty.  Don't see your specialty listed?  Look it up and post away on our Facebook post!  We'd love to see more ...

American Academy of Pediatrics Admits That Children Really Are Little Adults

WASHINGTON, DC - A year-long undercover investigation into the American Academy of Pediatrics’ claim that pediatric patient management was distinct from that of adults has revealed widespread evidence to the contrary. Faced with a crushing epidemic...

Parent Uses Landmark Paper ‘No Difference in Scrape Healing Placebo Vs. Band-Aid’ Without Success

OMAHA, NE - Local resident Amy Shoemaker has tried to inform her children over and over that Band-Aids applied to only superficial wounds make no difference in long-term outcomes. "I told , 'Look at the...
elderly patient

Elderly Man Admitted with MI Requests Pediatrics Consult

ORLANDO, FL—Bobby Kidman, an elderly man admitted to the hospital today with a suspected myocardial infarction bizarrely rejected a cardiology consultation and instead requested only a pediatrics one, because, really, he’s just a kid...

Finally A Clinic Run by “Parents Who’ve Done Their Research” Opens

PORTLAND, OR - Great news out of Portland, Oregon today, the first in the nation, clinic run by "Parents Who've Done Their Research" opens.  This clinic totally circumvents the major obstacle between you and getting...

Medical Team Sues Difficult Patient for Pain & Suffering

BIRMINGHAM, AL - Sometimes enough is enough.  A multidisciplinary inpatient medical team at Birmingham Medical Center (BMC) is taking difficult patient and frequent flyer Jason Johnson to court, suing him for pain & suffering. “I can’t...
oxy coaster

FDA Approves OxyContin for Kids Tall Enough to Get on This Ride

PHARM WATER KINGDOM, FL - Acknowledging the importance for safe medicine in children, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved the potent painkiller OxyContin for children who are "yay high."  Doctors have already been...