Sunday, May 9, 2021


reward stickers

Stickers for Drug Seekers Program Gaining Momentum

CHARLESTON, SC - An innovative new program implemented at Charleston Clinic is successfully deterring patients suspected of having drug-seeking behavior from returning to their healthcare system, giving hope to medical providers that the war on narcotics...
loser health care job

This Just In: Your Health Care Job Sucks

Hey YOU, that’s right, I’m talking to you. Gomerblog just wanted to take some time to let you know that your job sucks. Really. It’s terrible. I know you’ve worked for years to be...

New Study Shows Father’s Breast Milk Improves Babies’ Intelligence over Mother’s Breast Milk

DENVER, CO – AstraZeneca recently announced that its new drug, Milkaman, was approved by the FDA for male breastfeeding.  This novel drug causes pectoral muscle cells in men to produce breast milk. Originally a failed drug for women, it...
hospital emergency room boarding

‘Twas the Night After Christmas

'Twas the Night After Christmas ‘Twas the night after Christmas, at the front of the house, The parents were lined up, all running their mouths. Neb tubing was hung from the med cart with care For all of...

Pediatrician About to Call Surgery to Lay Hands on Another Punky-Looking Kiddo

2AM, KNOXVILLE, TN - According to seventh floor pediatrics ward sources, local pediatrician and hospitalist Dr. Jerry Dirkins is about to call for another surgery consult on a patient who looks a little "punky"...
puppy pediatrics

Study Finds Puppies, Ice Cream, New Toys Associated with Immediate Cessation of Pediatric Pseudoseizures

PORTLAND, OR – Researches at the Triarbridge Pediatric Medical Center in North Portland reported recent findings today from their groundbreaking study which found pediatric pseudoseziures, or unresponsive episodes of psychological or emotional origin in...

Hospital Approves Giving Parents Medication Before Children’s Surgery

HOUSTON, TX - Last week, Children's General Hospital approved a new medication protocol to assist children undergoing surgical procedures.  Anxiolytic medication, such as midazolam, can now be administered to parents to children headed to...
African child

African Child Tragically Unaware He Has ‘Marker Negative Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder’‏

MAUN, BOTSWANA - A desperately impoverished 6-year-old boy in Sub-Saharan Africa lacks the access to medical care which could properly diagnose his "Marker Negative Mixed-Connective Tissue Disorder" (MNMCTD). Baruti Bakone spends most of his days...
crying hospital

Breaking: First Batch of Crying July 1st Interns Spotted

ATHENS, GA - In breaking news to GomerBlog, the first batch of crying July 1st interns were spotted in a rarely used stairwell at Georgia Medical Center's West wing.  Three interns to be exact...
babystroller ICD-10 codes

ICD-10 Primer, Lesson 4: Babystroller Documentation

One of the biggest complaints by providers of teenage and adult patients about ICD-9 was the absence of codes pertaining to babystrollers.  Thankfully ICD-10 has its priorities straight and addressed this.  Babystrollers are one...