Wednesday, June 16, 2021


This Physician Won the KevinMD Big Burnout Sweepstakes. Here’s Why.

TWITTER – The social media giant was abuzz today when news broke that John Roberts, a primary care physician from Sioux Falls, SD, had won the much anticipated “KevinMD Big Burnout Sweepstakes.” Dr. Roberts...
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Caricatures of a Medical Student, an Intern, and a Paediatrician

Here are some fantastic caricatures depicting medical Students, junior doctors, and paediatricians from a fan all the way from Ireland.  If you enjoyed the cartoons, check out more at the artist's website Oh yes, the days...

Medical Specialties as Harry Potter Characters

Dolores Umbridge, Corenelius Fudge, Percy Weasley- Administration- you operate on a sliding scale of likability and we aren’t sure if you’re evil, rigid, or caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time....

American Academy of Pediatrics Increase Recommended Age for Car Seats to 17

PHILADELPHIA, PA – New recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), printed in this month's issue of Pediatrics, will further change the way many parents secure their children in their cars.  "We've determined...
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Pages We Love to Get at Any Point During the Day

These are probably the best pages any health care professional can ask for! "We're building forts out of drapes, wanna join?! - Anesthesia, OR 4" "Go home, I'm gonna write ur notes today - Hospital Administrator" "Patient...
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Tips: How to Treat a Pager That Keeps Going Off Like It Has Seizures

Sadly, despite all the technological advances we've made, a good portion of health care professionals still carry an object as archaic and arguably less useful than an abacus: a pager (also known as the Grim...

Beyoncé’s 3-Month Sonogram Reveals Twins Harmonizing In Womb

NEW YORK, NY - Speaking after a routine visit to the pop sensation's obstetrician, Beyoncé's agent confirmed to the press that the most recent sonogram of her twins revealed the two fetuses to be...

Newborn Nursery’s Infant Capacity Increases 50% by Hiring Former Tetris Champion

ATLANTA, GA – The Newborn Nursery at Swedish Covenant Hospital has seen a dramatic increase in their patient capacity after hiring a former Tetris champion to maximize placement of babies. Stephen Glasgow, who from...
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What ‘Thank You for the Interesting Consult’ Really Means, Part 2

This is a continuation from our first post: What "Thank You for the Interesting Consult" Really Means, Part 1.  Let’s go! Nutrition Translation: Like it or not, I’m recommending a multivitamin. OB/GYN Translation: Not another pelvic exam for...

ZDoggMD: One Injection