Friday, July 3, 2020


mri scanner

Hospital Discontinues MRI Screening Forms, Press-Ganey Scores Soar

In a presentation to the American Association of Gullible Hospital Administrators, Shady Practices Medical Centers reported that as a result of numerous satisfaction surveys, the organization has eliminated the screening practices necessary to get...
endless loop

Pathology and Radiology Reports Recommend Correlation with Each Other, Endless Loop Ensues

BOSTON, MA – The ICU team of a local area hospital had struggled for days with an increasingly slow EMR for one particular patient. “At first I thought it was just temporary, but it just...

Lab Coats Now Available in Brand New Colors

MEMPHIS, TN - Like the stethoscope, the white lab coat has not only been a magnet for bodily fluids and random food products, but also a steady symbol of medicine as an institution.  But...

Radiologist Misses Right Lower Lobe Pokémon on Chest X-Ray

IOWA CITY, IA – Reports from the radiology reading room at Mercy Hospital indicate that veteran radiologist, John Hoskins, completely missed a Pokémon in the right lower lobe on a routine chest X-ray earlier this...

Dr. Clinton Gets Away with Wearing Pantsuit in OR

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A shocking story coming from Bethesda Medical Center, where Hillary Clinton has been wearing a pantsuit in the operating room.  She refuses to wear scrubs, a scrub cap, surgical mask mask, or...
crying hospital

Breaking: First Batch of Crying July 1st Interns Spotted

ATHENS, GA - In breaking news to GomerBlog, the first batch of crying July 1st interns were spotted in a rarely used stairwell at Georgia Medical Center's West wing.  Three interns to be exact...

Physicians Hold Drexit Vote, Doctors Exit Medicine

KANSAS CITY, KS - A large, synchronous exhale was heard this morning as the results of Drexit, or Doctors Exiting Medicine, came in.  Millions of doctors around the country voted to leave medicine this Saturday....
father's day for physician or nurse

Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for Your Physician/Nurse Dad

Did you forget to buy your doctor or nurse dad a gift for Father’s Day?  Don’t worry, GomerBlog has you covered.  Here’s a last minute gift guide by specialty for all you procrastinators out...

Physician Recruitment Ad Statements and What They Really Mean

Ad text Actual meaning Established medical center is a state of the art, modern, newly renovated hospital   The MRI works 12 hours out of the week, and the cost of that new fountain in the lobby will...

Interventional Radiology Performs CT-Guided Chart Biopsy

RICHMOND, VA - History was made yesterday at Richmond Medical Center, as an interventional radiology (IR) team led by Dr. John Johnston-Johnson performed the world’s first successful CT-guided chart biopsy. “Words cannot express this moment,”...