Saturday, July 11, 2020


Short Articles for Your Short Attention Span

Area LEGO Man Admitted with Bright Red Blocks Per Rectum

LEGOLAND, FL - An area LEGO man is in serious condition at LEGOLAND Medical Center after he presented to the emergency department (ED) with bright red blocks per rectum (BRBPR).  "He had 3 episodes...

Little Man Living in Alaris Pump: I’m Lonely

GomerBlog was able to get an exclusive interview with the little man who lives in the Alaris pump, currently in room 2016.  “I’m just lonely that’s all,” he told us. This little man, who wants...
reverse trendelenburg

Doctor Reverse Actually the Discoverer of Reverse-Trendelenburg

MUNICH, GERMANY – Agatha Reverse is a well-known surgeon from Germany around 1870, who removed numerous gallbladders.  To help her with surgical exposure she decided to place the patient at a 30-degree angle with the head higher than...

Texas Ebola Doctor: ‘Nurse, I’ll Be Right Behind You’

DALLAS, TX - Reports are coming in that during the care of the Liberian Ebola victim, the lead physician told his nurse: "Let's go into the room together.  I’ll be right behind you."  Dr. Wesles,...

Patient’s Reflexes Documented in Medical Record, Perplexed Medical Student Didn’t See Examination

DENVER, CO – Third-year medical student, Samantha Mullerton, is rotating through the Memorial Hospital emergency room as part of her clinical rotations.  She recently called GomerBlog in regards to a developing story regarding an attending...

Horse Veterinarian-Turned-Physician Prescribing Too Many Large Pills and Euthanasia

BALTIMORE, MD – Former top equine veterinarian for race horses and now turned top physician, Dr. Zack Berger of Johns Hopkins, has been called out by his colleagues for his unusual practices. Whistleblower and colleague, Dr....

Hospital Institutes Popular “One for You, One for Me” Medication Policy

LOS ANGELES, CA - In a move being praised by providers and patients alike, local Have Mercy Hospital has begun implementing a "one for you, one for me" medication program where nurses, doctors, or other...

Patient Elated to Get Terminal Diagnosis Days After Election

DENVER, CO - Jason Jerry, age 25, of Colorado sat in his oncologist’s office today and received perceivably the best news he could imagine.  His diagnosis is terminal and doctors say he has less...
operating room

Which Surgical Specialty Should You Choose?

It’s that time of year: residency application season!  You’ve decided that performing procedures, malignant personalities, and years of grueling training are for you but to which surgical subspecialty are you best suited?  Take our 4...
Fibro storm

Internal Medicine Resident Calls Rheumatology Fellow In at 2:00 AM for Fibromyalgia Patient “Fibro...

KANSAS CITY, KS - “I was just tired of dealing with her,” internal medicine resident Dr. Kara Gifford said.  “She is allergic to every pain medication except Dilaudid; in fact she has 15 allergies!” It was...