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BOULDER, CO  Bronco Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the FDA and DEA approved Bong-dongle pulmonary incentive spirometer/peak flow meter (patent pending).  The Bong-dongle is a revolutionary new device that couples therapeutic pulmonary incentive spirometry and one-hit technology with the pleasures of smoking your favorite cannabis product.  The Bong-dongle is a simple device that plugs right into any incentive spirometer utilizing one of several universal adapters.

incentive spirometryMedical marijuana has recently been legalized in many states and recreational marijuana is also legally enjoyed now in select states making acquisition and smoking easier than ever before.  Incentive spirometry has long been known to aid in pulmonary health in primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare settings as well as in the comfort of your own home.  The Bong-dongle easily melds increased pulmonary and mental health into an efficient and holistic healing combination for one low price. 

The Bong-dongle provides a calibrated metric enabling users to increase forced inspiratory volume (FIV) as well as forced expiratory volume (FEV) thereby increasing lung capacity and subsequent smoke absorption.  Double-blind placebo studies demonstrate consistently higher serum cannabis levels when using the Bong-dongle marijuana smoking device.  Recent observational studies suggest that when utilizing the Bong-dongle, post-op patients require less analgesic and anxiolytic medication thereby reducing recovery time and hospitalization expense.  These studies are mirrored by skyrocketing Press Ganey scores in patient satisfactions surveys in Boulder.

In addition to facilitating pulmonary and surgical recovery, the Bong-dongle is useful and therapeutic in the treatment of anorexia and anxiety.  A premier psychiatric hospital in Boulder now routinely uses the Bong-dongle to successfully treat conditions such as anorexia nervosa and other generalized anxiety disorders as defined in the new DSM V.

Diabetics must use caution when using the Bong-dongle as there have been reported incidences of binge eating with ensuing spikes in serum blood sugar and A1C, especially in homes where butter pecan ice cream, twinkies, and Doritos are readily accessible.  The new inaled insulin/marijauna combination drug could be a great addition to counteract these side effects.  The Bong-dongle is not recommended in the treatment of obesity or sedentary lifestyle

In order to accurately track and quantify therapeutic benefits of the Bong-dongle, Bronco Produces includes a useful graph that records progressive and improving FEV and FIV along with calorie intake and body mass index (BMI).  These data can also be uploaded to any smart phone by utilizing an easily available free app. 

Tell your primary health care provider, pulmonologist, or respiratory therapist you will except no substitute for the Bong-dongle.  Bronco Products, Inc. has been providing quality respiratory and recreational narcotic breathing devices for the health care industry since 1955.  The Bong-dongle is available online and in most health care supply outlets and is covered by most insurance plans.

Manufacturers disclaimer: Bronco Products, Inc. is not responsible for misuse of the Bong-dongle pulmonary spirometer.  The Bong-dongle is a highly durable and efficient pulmonary function and smoking device; however, there have been reported cases of customers smoking other materials such as crack cocaine, narcotic capsules, tablets, meth, heroin, hashish, lighter fluid, paint thinner, cat poop, and bath salts.  Although the Bong-dongle will deliver superior and unrivaled smoke uptake with these substances, Bronco Products reserves the right to void implied and expressed bowl warranty with such misuse.



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  • April Langholz Lynch

    Cool. I no longer have to explain “no suck in like a joint”

  • Alex Blanch

    I think there is a CNS in it for you……….

  • Linda Barnes

    i so miss you

  • Kym Whiting

    What are you saying?

  • Samantha Ballew
  • Alex Blanch

    Kym Whiting

  • Michael Esterberg

    Rebel Lorena Gates

  • Daniel Speredelozzi

    Order is in Stephanie.

  • Harriet Levin Guim

    Request sent to storeroom! LOL!

  • Stephanie Clemins Faherty

    Daniel Speredelozzi, you order them for my patients, I’ll do the instructions, (complete hands on)

  • Le Quang


  • Le Quang

    How did my “spirometer” make on this page Allison Kamermayer?? :P

  • Minh Strauss

    Now the real fun can begin Allison.

  • Allison Kamermayer

    Le Quang Minh Strauss?

  • Jeffrey Hart

    I used to practice on one of these since 1st grade. I smoke because I love my grandmother.

  • Torrie Limbaugh Smith

    Don Joling

  • Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    LOL! Oh. My. Gawd.

  • Ann Martin

    I use mine all the time. – in fact I have two!

  • Ann Martin

    I use mine all the time. – in fact I have two!

  • Emily Martin

    It’s official…I’m moving!!!!

  • Emily Martin

    It’s official…I’m moving!!!!

  • Danine Jasumback

    As an RT, I will volunteer to do the inservicing of patients

  • Danine Jasumback

    As an RT, I will volunteer to do the inservicing of patients

  • Shelley Schick Grubbs

    Think of how successful this would be at work. There would be a definite increase in coughing and deep breathing. LOL!

  • Julia Hollins

    Emily Martin

  • Neil Udani

    People are getting very crafty.

  • Lata Potturi Schaedler

    OMG, bong dongle.

  • Bill Moore

    Needs a nitrous oxide supply port bubbling up through a dilaudid slurry.

  • Maui Alano
  • Jason Fortunato

    Won’t fly since they always blow instead of suck.

  • Karlynne Rogevich

    Love it.

  • husaria

    Suddenly…..all patients 100% complaint with IS therapy post op

  • Dena Klein

    Local Cheeto supply at record low levels.

  • Lindsey Adams

    Cerise Flores!

  • Kate McCartney


  • Jerri Lynn Dean


  • Julie Perderdora

    Oh yeah!

  • Mike D

    don’t lie, who hasn’t thought about using this as a teaching reference?!

  • Jodi Gierok

    One of my patients told me he actually made one himself! Funny.

  • Marli Meredith

    Perhaps add surround sound speaker for audio enhancements.

  • Jill Bradley-Wilmarth

    OMG!!!to all my respiratory care provider friends, things sure have changed! Perhaps the patients in Colorado are more willing to take a deep breath and hold it.

  • Christopher Befort

    Solid gold!!

  • Alison Moore Jensen

    The patients won’t even require education on how to use these! Fantastic

  • Debi Isel


  • Sylvia Simms


  • Dorris Helton

    I gotta have dis !!

  • Rocco Arcieri

    Kitchen can’t keep up with requests for snacks

  • Stella Fitzgibbons

    It also needs to be combined with metered dose inhalers for reactive airways disease. For years I’ve been telling patients that using an inhaler is done just like smoking a joint (slow inhale, hold at full inspiration, exhale).

  • Al Skögs

    Andrew Seidlitz Chris Romanowicz so good

  • Kendra Holm

    LOL Amy!

  • Courtney Mathis-Smith

    Now the patients will actually use them LMAO

  • Rissa Stackhouse

    HA !!!!!

  • Kelly Summers Koch

    Jamie Kirby Lynch this is hilarious

  • Jessica Miller


  • Barbara Yanik


  • Theresa Terri Higginbotham-Torretti


  • Amanda Mae Vanderzee


  • Kellie Thorne

    Damn, I just saw my allergist in Seattle and he didn’t have this?! Why are we so behind in medicine with the Univ. of Washington right here?!

  • Bryan Burke

    Erin Doherty

  • Joanie Sapienza


  • Mark P Stacy

    You only just found out about this now? Missed the 1990s, did ya?

  • Kristin Herb

    Jenn Williams-Blevin would your patients use this?

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