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BOSTON, MA – Tom Brady, a veteran respiratory therapist at Foxboro Hospital, was fired yesterday as he was caught by an eyewitness underinflating endotracheal (ET) tubes of ICU patients.

respiratory therapist equipment“After speaking with our eyewitness and conducting a thorough investigation,” a hospital spokeswoman stated, “we concluded that 11 out of 12 of our intubated ICU patients whose ventilators were managed by Mr. Brady had ET tube balloons inflated to an average of 7 cc instead of the standard 10 cc of air.”

Investigators noted that the underinflated tubes would often result in air leaks that would cause the ventilator to beep uncontrollably, while playing the Top 40 hits.  Colleagues noted Mr. Brady always seemed to know what was wrong with the ventilator when he was called to help.

Frequently he would reach for a syringe and quickly inflate the balloon as soon as he arrived, seemingly fixing the problem.  Initial speculation was that Mr. Brady enjoyed being the “go-to guy” among the respiratory therapists when things went wrong.  Some of Tom’s colleagues have also speculated that he enjoyed “pushing the envelope” as to what the ventilators could tolerate.

When asked to comment in a conference call with reporters, Mr. Brady replied, “I did not alter the ET tubes in any way.  That is not who I am.  I was surprised as anyone when I heard about it.  I feel that I will be cleared by a full and independent investigation.”

Hospital administrators were also tight lipped about the situation.  Foxboro Hospital president Bill Belichick commented, “We hire staff to do their job.  When they don’t, they get fired.  Next question.”

The Joint Commission (JC) has also started their investigation.  This morning, JC chairman Roger Goodell was busy interviewing a worker about the temperature of the coffee in the gift shop.



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    Pat Heinrich

  • Chelsea Heinrich

    Pat Heinrich

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  • Jennifer Gone


  • husaria

    Or a CPAP out of them either

  • Bill Clark

    Usually they clam up. You won’t get a PEEP out of em

  • Tony Fadich

    this one is for my CRNAs out there – Aaron, Jason, Tiffany

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    Hector Olivares

  • Kyle Kelly

    The temperature in the room was too low and led to the low pressure readings…..

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  • Nadine Richards Blair

    @ryan this is satirical site.

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    Tony Fiega

  • Victor Gabay

    “11 out of 12” and the name “Brady” ~ now why does that sound so familiar?

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    Loki Johnk

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    Tobyn Derby-Talbot

  • Natalie Mitchell

    Bahahaha! Someone needs to teach Tom Brady MLT.

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    Natalie Mitchell

  • Shahriar Kh

    God, unbelievable! There is no “one size fits all” to the amount of air in the cuff, come on!!!

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  • Brian D Smith

    Ha funny as hell tom Tom Ford

  • Manish Dumur

    I inflate normally till minimal resistance if volume not stated in da ett balloon…

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    This is great!

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    Anna Davis Kellie Kelley

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    Elizabeth Henley John Dillingham Jeremy Stewart Lisa Halfacre

  • Sara Haslam Grose

    We don’t have Respiratory Therapists. My fave question for crit care nursing students is “what’s the correct volume to put in an ETT balloon?”

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  • Pat Provost

    Christian Lavoie hahaha

  • Peg Seljeskog

    Reba Klings….gotta love this Gomerblog!

  • Gomerblog

    One thing we love about respiratory therapists…you guys sure know how to share and spread articles! Wow, this one took off! Love it!

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    Darla Carmichael Osborn lol

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    That’s funny

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    Lol Ila Hascall Kralman Gina Brigitte Ann Green-Mitchell Jeanette Barrera

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    This is awesome!

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