Monday, February 8, 2021

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Report: Ability to Wear Scrubs to Work is Only Thing Keeping Health Care Professionals...

CHICAGO, IL - According to a recent poll of nearly 20,000 health care professionals jointly conducted by the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Nurses Association (ANA), 99.8% of...
nasal cannula

Top 10 Nasal Cannula Positions for Optimizing Oxygenation and Comfort

After extensive research and data from GomerBlog fans and experts, we elected to perform a systemic review for the top positions for nasal cannula placement on patients.  Our research stemmed from the outstanding research...
Nursing Pages Per Shift

New Study: Physician Douche Level Correlates With Number Of Nursing Pages Per Shift

HARTFORD, CT - A new study published in JAMA this week demonstrated a direct correlation between the physician douche level (PDL) and and the number of nursing pages per shift (PPS). The PDL was calculated from asking 7,528...
online doctorate program

Online Doctorate of Nursing University Under Review as a Possible Scam

WASHINGTON, DC - The University of Online Degrees (UOD) is under investigation by the FBI regarding their online Doctorate of Nursing program for being a potential scam.  In the last decade the number of...

Former United Security Guard Landed on Feet as Nurse-Assaulting Cop

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Former United Security Guard and all-around jerk-face Jeff Payne was very concerned he wouldn't be able to find employment after all the bad publicity he got when he knocked out...
foley catheter

Clumsy Intern Keeps Tripping Over Patients’ Foley Catheters

BOULDER, CO - Patients, nurses, and urologists at Boulder Medical Center are starting to lose patience with intern Willie Johnson, who despite being incredibly nice and very bright, just always seems to be tripping...

Oh No! ZDoggMD was Attacked by a Lion on Live Stream

LAS VEGAS, NV - Looks like Healthcare 3.0 will have to wait.  ZDoggMD was attacked by a lion on his live stream today.  ZDogg wuz droppin' hard line after hard line about the problems...

Physicians Hold Drexit Vote, Doctors Exit Medicine

KANSAS CITY, KS - A large, synchronous exhale was heard this morning as the results of Drexit, or Doctors Exiting Medicine, came in.  Millions of doctors around the country voted to leave medicine this Saturday....

Nurse Enters the Cave of Wonders, Finds Infamous Resident Genie

On her Saturday shift, Anne looked unusually ecstatic.  This is the same Anne who usually has a frown on her face and is looking for reasons to tear the medical students and residents apart....
nurse smiling

Nurse Confesses She’s Just In It To Get Yelled At

AUSTIN, TX - Nurse Regan Ludwig recently admitted to ABC News that she works incredibly hard as a nurse because she just loves getting yelled at.  From 7 am to 7 pm, the job...