Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Nursing Student

Nursing student satire

Halloween sexy nurse

Sexy Nurse to Dress as Regular Nurse for Halloween

ST. LOUIS, MO - Sexy nurse Bessie Seductiva says that Halloween is her absolute favorite holiday of the year, which is why she is going to change things up and trade in her routine...
nice patient endangered species

Breaking: Nice Patients Added to Endangered Species List

WASHINGTON, DC - In a move suggesting they are likely to become extinct unless something more is done to save them for future generations, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM; formerly known as the Institute...

Hospital Safety: Fire Marshall Bill Edition

Fire Marshall Bill Burns taught us valuable lessons in safety for 5 years.  This one in the hospital was none other than the best.  All possible outcomes are covered so take a moment and...
empty toner cartridge

Nurse Assigned to Shake Empty Toner Cartridge Every 5 Minutes

LOUISVILLE, KY - As punishment for not charting a respiratory rate other than 16, first-year nurse Randy Tolbert has been relegated from patient care to standing by the printer at the nurses station and...
confused resident

MD Aware: Intern Disputes His Actually Being “Aware” in RN Note

CINCINNATI, OH - Emdee Awahray, an intern covering the general medicine floor overnight, has disputed the claim made by an RN in her overnight documentation note.  The RN, who wished not to be identified,...
call room

After Successful Renovation, New Call Room is Now Optimized to Cause Full-On Depression

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Convinced that being on-call isn't difficult enough in its own right, hospital administrators at Jacksonville Medical Center have successfully completed renovation of its call room such that is "as devoid of hope as ever"...

Former United Security Guard Landed on Feet as Nurse-Assaulting Cop

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Former United Security Guard and all-around jerk-face Jeff Payne was very concerned he wouldn't be able to find employment after all the bad publicity he got when he knocked out...
Superman Kryptonite subclavian steal

Nurse Adds Kryptonite to Superman’s Allergy List

METROPOLIS, US - During an initial evaluation at Metropolis Medical Center (MMC) where the Man of Steel Superman presented to the emergency room with generalized weakness, ER nurse Bethany Richardson astutely concluded that the frequent...
physician on toilet paper coffee sit-to-sh*t 29 seconds

Doctor Frantically Considers Options As He Realizes There’s No Toilet Paper Mid-Poop

EL PASO, TX - Facing a crisis of unheralded proportions, medicine intern Edwin Veracruz is mulling over any and all options as he realizes mid-poop that there is no toilet paper (TP) in his...
estrogen toxicity

Estrogen Toxicity Spectrum Disorder

A recent study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has identified categorized the strange personality and behavior changes of male nursing students. Estrogen Toxicity Spectrum Disorder (ETSD) has been shown to...