Monday, May 10, 2021

Primary Care

doc mcstuffins

Reality Star Doc McStuffins Opens Up About Physician Burnout

ALBANY, NY - A stack of unfinished charts.  Overturned juice boxes.  An exhausted young physician, asleep on her desk, is awoken suddenly by her pager.  These are the images you don't see on her...
medical consult

What ‘Thank You for the Interesting Consult’ Really Means, Part 1

Initial consult notes usually end with the following line: Thank you for the interesting consult.  What does that really mean?  In the first of a two-part series, our GomerBlog translators will help break down...
iv flush

Exciting New Treatment for ‘Status Dramaticus’ Released Today by the FDA and NIH

BETHESDA, MD - Breaking news today from the FDA and NIH researchers in Bethesda,  MD.  A new treatment for Status Dramaticus (SD) has been shown to be promising in curing this debilitating disease.  Researchers...

Coca-Cola Lashes Out, Reveals What Happens 1 Hour After Drinking Pepsi

ATLANTA, GA - After a recent infographic caused a stir by revealing what happens to the human body within the first hour of drinking Coca-Cola (also known as Coke), Coca-Cola was left no choice...

Inventor of Slogan ‘Pain is the 5th Vital Sign’ Now Concedes Pain is Actually...

NEW YORK, NY - Last night, in an emotional interview with Dateline NBC, Lisa Washington, who famously coined the term "Pain is the 5th Vital Sign," conceded that pain is actually not a vital sign. A...
cyborg emr

Apocolyptic Electronic Medical Record Becomes Self-Aware

"And just like that, the world burned."  Those haunting words were discovered deep within a nursing note by hospitalist Kilty McSwagger while he was reviewing what appeared to be a large stack of useless...

The Tale of the Enema and the Trailing Zero Error

LUBBOCK, TX - The Institute of Medicine in 1999 shocked the world when they reported that up to 100,00 persons die each year due to medical errors.  Medical practices were changed and procedures modified...
googling medical symptoms

Study: 4th Graders with Google Better Doctors Than 96% of New Medical Student Graduates

BIRMINGHAM, AL - A new study published last week in Barney and Friends magazine revealed that 4th graders, if given a computer with internet search access, were superior in medical knowledge, diagnosis, and cost effectiveness, than 96% of...

Local Man Presents to Urgent Care, Complaining of ‘Caulk Stuck to Hands,’ Oblivious to...

SIOUX CITY, IA - Benjamin Dover, 43, a painter in Sioux City, Iowa, reports being greeted with "smirks and laughter" upon his recent visit to the E-Z Urgent Kare on Atwood Avenue after some...
quitting medicine

Doctor Achieves Lifelong Dream of Quitting Medicine Forever

“Finally!” he exclaimed, throwing his white coat, scrubs, and stethoscope onto a pile of logs. “I can’t believe I made it!” Meet Hunter McCutchen.  He is 39 years of age.  He is a physician and...