Thursday, June 24, 2021


BREAKING: Ortho Intern is First Hospital Employee to Actually Enjoy Joint Commission Visit

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Hospital administrators are up in arms due to Joint Commission complaints that ortho intern, Seth Sholderson, is impeding the Commission’s ability to complete a comprehensive hospital review. One administrator commented, “Usually we...
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God Denies Involvement in Cancer Treatment and Recovery

HOPE VALLEY, CA -Twenty months after being diagnosed with lung cancer, 67-year-old Denise Dewberry has been declared cancer-free by her doctors.  She claims her cure to be the work of God. God says otherwise. In a...

Anesthesiologist Swallows Pride, Develops Small Bowel Obstruction

TUCSON, AZ – According to local witnesses, Mercy Hospital anesthesiologist Henry Stutzman developed a complete small bowel obstruction hours after swallowing his pride in operating room 7.  The incident began when the orthopedic surgeon on...

Ophthalmologists Report Hindsight More Like 20/80

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Top ophthalmologists announced this week that hindsight, long thought to be 20/20, is actually much closer to 20/80.  “This is a surprise to all of us,” announced David Parke, President...

Local Medical Student Struggles to Explain His Eagerness to Place Foley Catheter on Male...

ANN ARBOR, MI - Local medical student Dan S. started his first rotation today in Surgery.  “I woke up at 2:45 am arrived at the hospital about 3:10 am and I was able to...

How Many Different Hats Can a Medical Provider Wear?

It's not uncommon in modern medicine for any given health care provider, whether it's a nurse, PA, or doctor, to have multiple roles or wear multiple hats: a clinical hat, an administrative hat, etc....
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Neurosurgery Resident Doesn’t Recognize Own Child at Thanksgiving Dinner

NASHVILLE, TN - Although aware how busy he is, the family of second-year neurosurgery resident Dr. Michael Duke planned a dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  His wife, Laurie, knew he was not on call...

Physicians Hold Drexit Vote, Doctors Exit Medicine

KANSAS CITY, KS - A large, synchronous exhale was heard this morning as the results of Drexit, or Doctors Exiting Medicine, came in.  Millions of doctors around the country voted to leave medicine this Saturday....
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CDC Issues Blood Gravy Content Chart for Thanksgiving

ATLANTA, GA - Ahead of Thanksgiving, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has issued a new blood gravy content (BCG) chart, reminding family and other loved ones that "friends don't let friends drive...

Daredevil Patient on Bed Jumps Through Ring of Fire

LAS VEGAS, NV - Patient Brian McDowell put on a show for the ages, as he became the first patient on a hospital bed to successfully leap through a ring of fire unscathed.  Performed during...