PHOENIX, AZ – Luck of the Lady Hospital in Arizona has begun to trial a defibrillator developed by a few of its seasoned staff, The Zoll 990 with a coveted setting, the slow code mode (SCM).

“Sloooow code mode activated.  Arming 25 millijoules.”

Nurse Andrea Lane and pulmonologist Dr. Dustin Reid have collaborated their efforts and medical knowledge to bring a humane and compassionate feel to the Code Blue experience.

“We felt the need for a different mode especially in those cases where the ET tube has been in for 30 days, the state has deemed a contracted DIB full code, or the 90-year-old on the floor has begun the process of rigor mortis.  I mean, why allow staff to get compassion fatigued while breaking ribs?” said Lane.

When a potential SCM is needed, the unit secretary dials three sixes instead of the traditional four zeros to the hospital operator.  Instead of the loud, offensive and tension causing Code Blue tones, harp music in D major plays softly overhead.

“I love this tone,” said anesthesiologist Chris Donnoley.  “I can wake up slowly without any fear of judgment.  I can gather supplies I might need instead of depending on crude RSI kits that may likely be covered in cobwebs.”

As the code cart is gently slid into the room, the Zoll is placed into SCM.   A built-in diffuser on top of the zoll aerosols Ativan throughout the room, thus decreasing the usual craziness of a traditional code.  “The adrenaline junkies stop in their tracks!” said Reid.

Once the house ferret is present, the Keurig at the back of the zoll brews hot coffee for the Code Team after the code.  “Our house ferret, Kevin, is so smart.  He even pours the coffee!” said RT Tony Blanco.

If a shock is indicated, 25 millijoules fire once.  Subsequent shocks decrease by half.  The unit janitor gives compressions in a 10:1-ish ratio.

Family is encouraged to stay and docs take turns hugging them and having discussions on quality of life.  This has been shown to improve Press Ganey scores the most, instead of breaking ribs.

Hospital administrators couldn’t be happier.  What once took thirty workers off the floor, now only takes three, thereby decreasing staffing needs.  “The slow mode code has really saved us a ton of money with decreased medical expenses, improved Press Ganey scores, and increased production from staff not getting bogged down in a 30-minute code.  Win-win!  We fully support the Slow Code Mode.”



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  • Jenny White Hanes

    Oh my-love the house ferret. Love the slow code. Early in my nursing career, a 70+ year old nurse told me to “walk slow” to a patient’s room. I’ll never forget her advice. Wonderful.

  • Patty Kathleen Rhinesmith

    My sister says I have to stop sharing these, she says lay people think these are real! I love it. I know post it with disclaimers. Stupid people

  • Elizabeth Peek


  • Jennifer Bach Guss

    Where can I buy this monitor!!!!!

  • Helen Liz Down

    I love it.

  • Alex Gluzman

    We don’t slow code Inessa Fishman. If you didn’t plan ahead or got selfish family you get lit up.

  • Chris Samorian

    I’ve been talking about Ativan Aerosol Spray for yeeeeears!!! It needs to happen ;)

  • Steven Welsh

    I’m glad they clearly defined the ferret’s role in the slow code, lol.

  • Tanya Lopez

    I love these

  • Inessa Fishman

    Alex Gluzman

  • Nikki Gallegos

    Kyle Brown
    A ferret!!!!

  • Kelly Healy

    Gomerblog nailed it, again.

  • Anna Quattrucci Keller

    Long live the Slow Code

  • Ana María Concepción Castro


  • Lisa Rodriquez

    nursing home special

  • Jan Huard

    With my dislexic, tired brain, I read that as slow COOK loll lol

  • Martha Simmons

    For the family that would like their loved one to remain full code, but don’t want any ribs broken…

  • Bobby Merwin


  • Kelley Hughes Reep
  • Ed Iway

    Lol so funny Edi Berbic

  • Joanie Sapienza


  • Amy Jewett Brady

    If only…Ativan aerosol, brilliant!

  • Edi Berbic

    Ed Iway just call it!

  • Christy Marie Menor

    Sad part is this is how it should be for those patients…..instead we repeatedly code them place tracheostomies and feeding tubes despite inability to use any higher brain functions ….. We don’t, as doctors, properly discuss and inform about palliative care or quality of life….

  • Kellie Wist Lisciandro

    Used starting July 1st for new residents

  • Juny Patriots Bayard

    Booya!!!!!! Love it!!

  • Tammy Allen

    Hey, I patented that idea decades ago!

  • April Langholz Lynch

    Yvonne Fever White

  • Nicole Gentry-Kimberlin

    Me too! I want that for my Glade Plug ins at home too.

  • Rachel Roessel

    I’d really like to see this happen.

  • April Langholz Lynch

    Catherine Kwiatkowski

  • Bill Clark

    JCAHO will put the brakes on the keurig.

    For safety.
    Bless them and all they do in the war on coffee cups

  • Nicole Gentry-Kimberlin

    Aerosols of Ativan fill the room….LOL!

  • Brandy Acklin Bradford

    Gives family time to decide..

  • Bill Clark

    And 60x homeopathic code meds

  • Stuart Damon

    I am familiar with this. It starts with walking, rather than running, to a Code Blue.

  • Elizabeth Svoboda

    Dials three sixes!!! Lmfao!!

  • Lora Ann Cullipher

    Ah, yes, the ferret!

  • Elizabeth Svoboda

    Um. . . . .

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