Saturday, May 8, 2021

Emergency Medicine

chest pain rule out toy elephant

Chest Pain Rule-Out: Patient with Stuffed Elephant Sitting on Chest

DANBURY, CT - A patient at Danbury Medical Center was admitted for chest pain rule out after he was complaining of a toy stuffed elephant sitting on his chest.
paramedics in er

ER Techs Now to Carry Fanny Packs with More Stuff

It's no secrets that in the ER if a nurse or doctor requires a piece of equipment that the tech is the one who usually has it on his or her person.  Historically they...
Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up After Single Dose of Narcan

MEDIEVAL ENGLAND - In a last ditch effort to prevent intubation for airway protection, Sleeping Beauty - also known as Princess Aurora, the daughter of King Stefan and Queen Leah - was given 0.4 mg...
beginning runners pages tPA

Breaking: Code Team Pushes tPA to Lyse Clogged Toilet

DURHAM, NC - Acknowledging they were within the 4.5-hour window since symptom onset and had no other clear alternatives, a Code Team at Duke University Hospital pushed tPA in the hopes of lysing the clogged...

Nurse O.J. Simpson Can’t Ever Get a Glove to Fit

BRENTWOOD, CA - Geez, O.J. Simpson just can't get a break!  He has been asked over and over again to go into a patient's room, but there are no gloves that fit him! They...
march madness

Patient Admitted to Psych with March Madness

HOUSTON, TX - In breaking news, GomerBlog has learned 28-year-old James Winthrop will be admitted to Psychiatry for March Madness.  He presented to the ER at NRG Medical Center last night with altered mental...

Patient Can’t Pronounce Metoprolol, Electively Intubated

RICHMOND, VA - Patient Mary Andrews, a 52-year-old female with atrial fibrillation tried to pronounce the beta blocker “metoprolol” earlier this morning.  She found herself stuck on the second syllable.  Thanks to her nurse...

Music Review: Radiohead’s Clinic A

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 QRS Complexes The opening track is called “Everything is AV-Paced.”  It is an adventure in arrhythmia, with drummer Phil Selway exploring the telemetric spectrum, first with alternating doses of bradycardia...
joint commission

Joint Commission Mandates New Pain Scale That Goes to Infinity

OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL - The Joint Commission believes that when a patient has “20 out of 10 pain” it isn’t the patient’s fault, it’s the scale’s fault.  That is why the Joint Commission is...

Baby Yoda Memes Improve Patient Compliance

In what started as a joke by the senior emergency medicine residents at Hospital Woeisme, Baby Yoda memes posted around the ED have had an astonishing and unexpected impact on patient behavior. Baby Yoda, the...