Friday, July 22, 2022
traffic jam Flonase

Doctor Tries to Clear Up Traffic Congestion with Flonase

ATLANTA, GA - Sincerely hoping that the rush-hour traffic this afternoon is just a manifestation of seasonal allergies, internist Roger Willoughby has just given two spritzes of Flonase (fluticasone) outside of both his driver's...

How Many Different Hats Can a Medical Provider Wear?

It's not uncommon in modern medicine for any given health care provider, whether it's a nurse, PA, or doctor, to have multiple roles or wear multiple hats: a clinical hat, an administrative hat, etc....

Respiratory Therapist with 11 Years Experience Doesn’t Know More Than Medical Student

CHARLOTTE, NC - Local Respiratory Therapist Val Silver has seen it all in her nearly a dozen years working at UNC Hospital.  If you don’t believe her, just ask her. That was until this past week...

RT Delivers 5 Peeps via ET Tube in Easter Day Tragedy at St. Luke’s

Distracted by his excitement for the Easter holiday, Jim Carina, Respiratory Therapist at St. Luke’s Medical Center, gave 5 Peeps via ET tube to Robert Harris, an unfortunate 74-year-old patient spending the holiday in...
incentive spirometer incentivized spirometer

New Incentivized Spirometers to Pay $50 Per Deep Breath

ATLANTA, GA – In an effort to better encourage patients to do their breathing exercises, a newly-designed incentivized spirometer will pay patients $50 per deep breath - that's right: cold, hard, cash...
productive cough

Getting Things Done: Cough Quite Productive Today

HUNTSVILLE, AL - Checking off its To Do list like it's nobody else's business, patient Reynold Baker's cough is happy to report that it is being incredibly productive today. "Man, you're not going to believe...
map my couch app

Map My Couch App Released in Response to Map My Run App

In response to the numerous Map My Run and other workout posts that inundate newsfeeds on Facebook, a psychology group out of Houston TX decided to create a Map My Couch app. “I was getting...

Product Review: Heartbeats by Dr. Dre Stethoscopes

Pros / The bass on these Heartbeats by Dr. Dre stethoscopes are SICK!  Besides, who wouldn't want a bluetooth stethoscope blessed by Dr. Dre? Cons / You can't actually use these stethoscopes as headphones. The One Liner / Despite...
mechanical ventilator

Night Shift Enjoys New Ventilator Mode

GOLETA, CA - Puritan Bennett's new ventilator mode is a hit with the Bay Harbor Hospital night shift. Along with the standard AC, SIMV, CPAP, APRV and MVV modes, their newest offering, the PB-1001,...