Thursday, June 24, 2021


urine foley catheter

Eco-Unfriendly Plastic Urinary Catheters Banned, Replaced by Paper Ones

SEATTLE, WA—Following the successful mission to replace hazardous plastic straws with paper ones, environmentalists are now targeting plastic urinary catheters, hoping to swap them out for paper catheters. The push to ban the dangerous plastic...

The Difference Between a Pianist and a Penis

In this series, Gomerblog delves deep into two things often mistaken for one another and helps sort out their differences in order to help us become better health care professionals and people....
urine input

Yikes: Patient Reports 1.5 Liters of Urine Input

LOS ANGELES, CA - Completely catching his inpatient team off guard, a hospitalized patient informed his urologist this morning not only had his urine cleared significantly but he also had at least...
polar vortex

Polar Vortex Advice: Urologists Recommend Setting Genitals on Fire for Warmth

LINTHICUM, MD - With the polar vortex forcing them to convene a rare emergency meeting, the American Urological Association (AUA) has issued new recommendations to the public, advising all Americans, Midwesterners in particular, to...

A Growing Trend with Men, Vasectomy Procedure Plans

CHICAGO, IL - Recently a new trend has been spreading like wildfires throughout urology and family medicine clinics in the US…Vasectomy Procedure Plans.  Many men seeking sterility are taking the advice from numerous pregnant...

Urologist Anxiously Awaits Cryptorchid Ball Drop

SAN DIEGO, CA – Local Urologist, Aric Triwenga MD, has an eccentric tradition that he carries out every New Years while hundreds of millions around the world tune in to New Years Rockin’ Eve...

Anesthesiologist in Flap Room Refutes Reports of Peegasms, Calls for Multicenter Prospective Trial

Dr. I. Kaffeinate is prominent Canadian anesthesiologist who is raising doubts about a recently reported article1 in which urologists were warning women of a disturbing new trend. This reporter caught up with her after she...

Diaper City: Storm Cloud Incontinent of Water

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - Embarrassed that it has once again woken up in the middle of the night unintentionally soaked just like the people and land living below it, a grey storm cloud has...
childhood obesity

Thai Cave Divers to Locate Obese Patient’s Genitals

KEARNEY, NE - With options dwindling, all hopes rest on the heroic divers who saved the boys in Thailand to locate a 600-lb. man’s penis, sources reported from Nebraska today.  Multiple practitioners at Kind...

Urologists Recommend Against Buddy Taping for Penile Fractures

WIENER, AR - Last weekend local man Joseph Peyronie sustained a penile fracture in a tragic mishap involving a lawnmower, a tire swing, and a flashlight.  Immediately after the injury, Peyronie drove himself to the...