Thursday, June 24, 2021

Emergency Medicine

atv craniotomy

NC Hospital Offers Discounted Craniotomy with ATV Purchase

WINSTON-SALEM, NC - With hunting season fast approaching, a North Carolina hospital has made a controversial move: they have partnered with an ATV dealership to offer a discounted craniotomy coupon to purchasers of the...
doc hunt

Video Game Review: Doc(ument) Hunt

Pros / Doc(ument) Hunt is a fun follow-up to Nintendo's Duck Hunt that allows medical providers to channel their rage against paperwork by shooting up flying charts. Cons / The fun wears off quickly as you're overwhelmed...

COVID-19: ER Doc Relieved Man in Room 9 Just Having a Heart Attack

NEW YORK, NY—Overwhelmed with hordes of COVID-19 patients filling the Emergency Department at Manhattan Medical Center, third-year resident, Dr. Noah Moe Karona, expressed relief and sheer joy upon learning that the man in Room...
malpractice attorney

Malpractice Attorney Says Nightly Prayer for More Medical Errors, Deaths

MEMPHIS, TN - Mark Edmunds, JD, a local medical malpractice attorney, is proud to be a caring father, a giving person, and a devout Christian.  He attends services regularly, sings in his church choir, and prays...
United Airlines endotracheal tube

United Airlines Replaces Oxygen Masks with Endotracheal Tubes

CHICAGO, IL - No stranger to controversy, United Airlines has thrown itself into the headlines once again by announcing that it will be replacing oxygen masks in the panels above passengers' seats with endotracheal...

The Similarities & Differences Between ED and ED

Now that you can't say "ER" anymore when referring to the place where drug-seekers go to get Dilaudid, it can be a bit confusing when someone says "ED" if they are referring to the...
hug, hugging

Struggling Intern Asking for ‘Just One Hug’

BOSTON, MA - "Just one hug" is all intern Philip Geary is asking, if not BEGGING, from his fellow interns, residents, students, nurses, attendings, anyone, ANYONE who is capable of providing some sort of...
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New CDC Recommendation: Ignore Patients with Pain > 4

ATLANTA, GA - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a new recommendation on the heels of March's "CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain," citing new data analysis from...
doctor notes DVT PE

Charting is Independent Risk Factor for DVT and PE, Study Finds

ROCHESTER, MN - Recognizing it is a form of immobilization in which health care professionals are unable to move around much, a study newly published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that charting and documentation in an...
73 miles per hour

Beverly Hills Hospital Unveils New ‘Vapid Response Team’

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - It’s no secret that Americans spend far too much on end-of-life care. Moreover, medical interventions on the terminally ill can be needlessly painful and even against the patient’s own wishes....