Friday, August 7, 2020



FDA Bans Insulin Amid Reports of Increased Amputations and Other Life Threatening Diseases

MEMPHIS, TN – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Monday that they are pulling insulin off the shelves across the country.  "We feel this drug is just not as safe as we...
diabetic coma

Cookie Monster in Critical Condition Due to Diabetic Complications

SESAME STREET - Children around the world awoke from sleepy-time to the stunning news that Cookie Monster is battling for his life in the intensive care unit at Sesame Street University Hospital (SSUH) with diabetic...

Obese Americans in Love with New 5K-to-Couch App

BIRMINGHAM, AL - Swimming in a large sea of running apps helping to get people active and create runners out of previous non-runners is a lone game-changing app that is slowly gaining momentum and,...
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Update: Cookie Monster Leaves Sesame Street Hospital AMA on Christmas Eve

SESAME STREET – As children around the world continued to hold candlelight vigils for Cookie Monster’s health, the shocking rumors that the muppet had left Sesame Street University Hospital (SSUH) against medical advice (AMA) are...

Major Hospitals Caught in Diabetes Scandal

SUGARVILLE, TX - The Hershey Memorial Hospital (HMH) has been cited in a nationwide investigation by the CDC. The investigation is a result of patient complaints to the CDC nationwide.  "There have been many, many patients...
childhood obesity

New Product Release: Pediatric Power Chair for Morbidly Obese Children

WHITE PLAINS, NY - In a shrewd but brilliant marketing move last week, Hoveranywhere announced plans to sell thousands of "smaller-sized" pediatric power chairs. The chairs are modeled after the adult Hoveraround, but will come in three...

Fancy Medical Terms and What They Really Mean

Nurses and doctors use fancy words to communicate and sound smart before patients, families and each other. Having spent most of his adult life in the hospital, Livin La Vida Locum, M.D. shares the...

Hospital Adds Sugar Cubes to Diabetic Diets, Patient Satisfaction Higher Than A1Cs

KEARNEY, NE - Whether due to a prank, sloppy oversight, or disgruntled kitchen workers’ act of spite, but loads of sugar cubes appeared on diabetic trays at Kearney Local Medical Center (KLMC) this morning....

Most Popular Medical Questions of 2016 by State

2016 is complete, and we combed through the data at Google to find out what were the most popular medical questions asked by state (click the map to enlarge): What is New England's obsession with...
diabetes medications in food

McDonald’s Introduces Value Meals With Cholesterol and Diabetes Medications Blended In

BOCA RATON, FL - In a landmark move being hailed as "a potential solution to the obesity epidemic" plaguing the U.S., the McDonald's Corporation announced the bold decision to blend diabetic and cholesterol prescription medications...