Saturday, January 2, 2021


pilot cleared landing doctor hospital

Pilot Consults Medicine, Asks if Plane Cleared for Landing

DELTA 240 - Just as he started his descent into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport after a long transatlantic flight, Captain Jack Wilson asked if "Medicine was on the plane" and if so "was the plane cleared...
Brie Hammersley complete blood loss

Women to be recruited into ortho with promise of no line for bathroom

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons has begun a new campaign to entice women to enter a career in orthopaedic surgery. Dr. David Bonaparte, diversity coordinator for the AAOS, believes the new campaign will...
brain stem biopsy

Fearless Neurologist Attempts to Order Brain Stem Biopsy Via EHR

ST. LOUIS, MO - It was Tuesday morning in the middle of rounds when local bad boy neurologist, Dr. Chinstrap, felt his next stroke of daring genius land upon him.  The prior evening, a...

Breaking: 1 in 500 Can’t Smell What The Rock is Cooking

HAYWARD, CA - The Rock says it all the time: "Can YA SMELL-LALALALALALALLALALA-OWWWWWW what The Rock…. is cooking?!"  But can everyone smell what The Rock is cooking?  It turns out roughly 1 in 500...

Ophthalmologists Bracing Themselves for Full Day of Work After Solar Eclipse

SALEM, OR - Ophthalmologists throughout the country are bracing themselves for what could be an entire day of work immediately after the solar eclipse on August 21. Record numbers of people “seeing spots” after...

Orthopod Uses Patient’s Femurs to Play the Drums

BIRMINGHAM, AL - Orthopedic surgeon Jake Crusher came home today supremely excited: it was his day off and he just bought a brand new drum kit, something that he's been dreaming of getting for...

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dreams of Becoming Hollywood Star

NEW YORK, NY - Prominent cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Dale Enderwood had "an amazing dream" last night and he woke up wishing he could return to that dream. What’s this amazing dream you may ask?  Well, it just may...
happy hour for health care workers

Hospital Enacts New Mandatory Happy Hour for Employees

BOSTON, MA - "Go figure out the best way to improve patient safety and medical care at our hospital," was the charge that CEO of Memorial Hospital, Dr. Gina Stockdale, posed to her panel members....
wine pairs

Tips: What Wine Pairs Well with Patients & Helps Me Cope with Them?

We’ve all been there.  You’re at bedside with your patient and you find yourself stumped on which wine you should drink to best pair with him or her.  You may be stressed and simply...

Stryker Surgical Snacks, The Perfect OR Treat

DALLAS, TX – Stryker Surgical just released a new line bound to please every orthopedic surgeon, anesthesiologist, CRNA, OR nurse, surgical tech, and yes, even make the general surgeons happy too.  They’re called Stryker...