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ATLANTA, GA – Jealous of all the attention registered nurses (RNs) have received during Nurses Week, hospital administrators nationwide are hoping to create an Administrators Week to celebrate their contributions to healthcare.  Though hospital administrators are excited, it’s too bad that absolutely no one else in medicine gives a crap.

hospital administrators
“Does anyone even give a crap?”

“Wow, Administrators Week, who gives a flying f**k?” moaned nurse Clara Barton, who was rewarded for her decades of service in nursing with a pay cut by administration.  “I bet it takes place during peak season for golf.”

Every year, Nurses Week takes place between May 6 (National Nurses Day) and May 12 (the birthday of Florence Nightingale).  It is a celebration of nurses, nursing, their contributions in history, and their central role in modern medicine.  It also acknowledges their continuing dedication to their profession and their patients.

“Is Administrators Week supposed to celebrate billing or something?” asked nurse Dorothea Dix, as she juggled seven complicated patients and still managed a smile.  “Or maybe it’s to celebrate crunching the numbers, black suits, and empty promises?”

Tens of thousands of health care practitioners across the country, including nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and physicians, were polled regarding what they thought Administrators Week would celebrate.  Zero of them answered because (1) they didn’t care, (2) administrators suck, and (3) the poll reminded them too much of patient satisfaction surveys.

When is Administrators Week?  Who cares.

“Here’s what I wish would happen during Administrators Week,” nurse Margaret Sanger told GomerBlog.  “I think all administrators should all be fired and all the money wasted on their salaries be put to better use.  Here’s an innovative idea: how about hiring more health care practitioners to help with the understaffing and burnout?  And yes, that includes hiring nurses too!”

Hospital administrators were not available for comment as they were too busy planning innovative ways to break their nurses’ morale.  They were also trying to find brand new ways of not saying to our nurses “Thank you for all that you do.”



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  • Pam Soyebo


  • Julie Klooz Jones

    I know RIGHT !!!!!!

  • Laura Fancy

    We got a “free lunch” which consisted of picked – over hamburgers. Of course, I didn’t get my lunch break that day!

  • Shante Saunders Mackey

    Yeah…. When they recognize nurses we’ll recognize them!!!!

  • Janice Dodge

    I thought they celebrated everyday all year.

  • Jamey Paul

    The administration further states they will be removing doctors day because “no one

  • Linda Creighton Wulforst

    When is “hospital switchboard operators week?”

  • Angie Vaiana

    Gee, I hope they get a bowl of ice cream….& then not get to eat it, because there’s no “extra” administrators to relieve them. Oh wait….that would never happen!

  • Angie Vaiana


  • Michele Marie

    That is terrible!

  • Cheryl Brewer


  • Steve Baker

    Screw those money loving penny pinching pricks

  • Ryan William McDonald

    3.4 Administrators per patient… something wrong?

  • Christine Godwin

    There are nurses that get breaks?????? Lol

  • Owen Robinson

    Ha! :D

  • Shannon LaRock

    Who are these people again?? Oh, yeah! The ones who make our lives miserable!! Let me jump right on that “appreciation” train… Hold your breath and I’ll be there in a few…

  • Bil Criteser

    They would likely have the nurses sponsor and pay for it.

  • Karyna Dom

    My old hospital wouldn’t recognize nurses week. Instead they turned it into Hospital Week so they didn’t have to celebrate a second time in the year. Insulting.

  • Austin Woods

    David just giving credit where credit is due

  • David Allan

    Ooooh Austin!

  • Andrew Tan

    They should make it a month

  • Lydia Chun-Tang

    I think you and I work at the same place, Brian. The one for our unit just sat in a chair all day in the break room. Which meant one fewer spot for nurses on break to sit down…

  • Sarah Kohrmann

    At least SOMEONE there knows what nurses truly want lol

  • Jennifer Papapavlou

    Wow. We got a free soda fountain drink. I hope they get the same! Every hard worker is entitled to something that shows their employers thankfulness! I for one was too short staffed to actually got get said fountain drink. Can they emulate that as well?

  • Diane Johnson-Barefoot

    Ours too

  • Jenifer Peterson

    funny how this is conveniently RIGHT after Nurse’s week….

  • Brittany Leigh Crandell

    That is awful. Truly sad.

  • Ann Concannon Higgins


  • Kathleen Grint

    A surgeon I worked with asked about nurse’s week. We has quite a lineup. We were to volunteer at a food kitchen, work at a community event and then give blood. He was so horrified he left and brought back chocolate.

  • Lizzy Delcambre Waddell

    Rob Morton Heather Niss Robinson Owen Robinson

  • Brian Stacy

    We got a garbage bag filled with popcorn for nurses week. I can think of a few things to fill a garbage bag with to thank our administrators…

  • Scott Moody

    Hahahah William B. McCurry Jeffrey

  • Kara Gibson


  • Renee Howard

    It is very insulting that Nurse’s Week is forgotten about.

  • Gina Maloney

    Yep, same here…although we did get a voucher for a “free redbox rental to enjoy on us” mailed to us this year. I didn’t know whether to feel grateful or insulted. I went with my first reaction, which was insulted.

  • Jennifer Gontero


  • Virginia Dweck Van Nostrand

    there’s no medication for these parasites though

  • Geoffrey White

    Oh Barf !!

  • Linda Leeper Bard

    Tonya Diane. I could see this happening

  • Michael Weis

    Don’t you mean Administraitors Weeks May 13, 2015 – May 8th, 2016?

  • Audrey Maminta

    How can we forget/recognize those we’ve never seen?

  • Kathleen Lyons O’Bryan

    Holy crap!

  • Hope Mattison

    I’ll bet they have a better celebration. Bring on all the pastries.

  • Karen Townley

    all admiistrators do is critique nurses out their ass’s

  • Renee Howard

    My hospital celebrates every other “week”, but Nurse’s Week. Their excuse is that they celebrate “hospital” week the week after.

  • Roberto J Hernandez

    Lucas Divine

  • Jaime Boggs Plecenik

    It’s actually celebrated May 1st through April 30th every year

  • Solomon Zaraa

    I think the smoothies at our hospital are made with golytley

  • Andrea Paparelli

    I wouldn’t be too jealous of nurses week….it’s barely recognized! Certainly not by hospital administrators!

  • Georgia Lee Ketchum

    Love the Dorthea Dix reference

  • Christopher Blewett


  • Steven Couch


  • Stacey Pringle

    I thought that every time they cash their big fat bonus checks was Hospital Administration Day!

  • Nicole Talbot

    Sophie Bennett

  • Ray Lane


  • Robin Fahringer Mitchell Machajewski

    Aw! Maybe our hospital will give them “the opportunity to purchase a smoothie in the cafeteria” and hand out treats (“but only take one”) like we got for nurses’ week! Heck, they deserve it!

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